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1 Year

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Short Description of the course

1 Free trial for the test series.
Test Series includes Statistics paper-1, paper-2, paper-3, Paper-4 , GS and GE also. SUNRISE CLASSES is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is more often helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

Why You Should Take This COURSE?

  • Provide Good Practice- It provides a good amount of practice to students, which can help students in doing well in actual examinations. 

  • Feel of Real Examination- This Test makes students familiar with real exam scenarios i.e., the duration and structure pattern of these tests matches with the actual exam. 

  • Assessing Learning Capability-The test series helps in knowing the learning capability of students and progress in their performance. 

  • Improve Speed- The test series also provides ample amount of practice to the student, hence their speed of attempting questions increases automatically.

  • Boost Confidence- It aids in improving performance and boosting confidence in students. It helps in driving away their exam fear and anxiety.

  • Better Time Management- With the help of test series students can get an idea to solve questions in stipulated time and they can continue the same strategy in actual exams also.


  • Digital Tools for offline test series Scientific Calculator(Paper-3 and Paper-4).

  • Use only Black Ball Pen for paper-1 and 2

  • Use only Black or Blue ball pen color for GS, GE, Paper-3, and  Paper-4.


General Information for ISS Online Test Series:

  • 1 Free trial for the test series.

  • Test Series includes Statistics paper-1, paper-2, paper-3, Paper-4 (SQC+Multivariate Analysis+Demography+Design and Analysis of Experiments), General Studies, and General English.

  • The test series include 60 module of test series( 10 module for each paper.)

  • Assessment and all India Ranking will be given in your email.

  • The Correct answer and the explanation of the objective paper will be given in your mail.

  • Assessment will be provided for subjective questions and scores of Subjective paper will be sent to you via email.

  • There is no answer provided for papers 3, 4 General Studies & General English.

  • The test will be solely based on your honesty and sincerity to manage your time.